Eldie Anthony

(Endorsed Reggae Recording  Artist – Reggae Music Embassy)
Eldie Anthony is a rising Reggae Singer/Songwriter who is also well verse in many other genres of music such as Dancehall, R & B, Pop and Hip Hop.  Once you hear his golden voice, you will not be able to stop listening. He is bursting with melodies coming at you from all angles. After spending many years looking for an opportunity to hit the world by storm, he has aligned himself as CEO of his own career by utilizing The Worldwide Reggae Embassy and other Music Embassies. He is one of the most diverse artist that the Embassy has seen, as he is able to voice songs for Reggae, Culture Reggae, Dancehall Reggae, Reggaeton,  R & B, Soul and Pop Music.  Eldie has a strong passion to not only advance his career, yet be instrumental in assisting others and has already started doing so by becoming a mentor to other Embassy artists who value his opinions and talent.  

Check out his website at www.eldieanthony.com and make sure to become a member of his fan page on Facebook.



  • Reggae
  • Culture Reggae
  • Dancehall Reggae
  • R & B
  • Soul
  • Pop Music
  • ‘Celebrated Love’
  • ‘Life’
  • ‘The Way We Touch’
  • ‘Give Me A Try’
The Worldwide Reggae Music and Entertainment Embassy.
  • Jamaica:   876-620-4500
  • USA:   305-600-0500
  • UK (London) :  020-3239-3700

Eldie Anthony – www.eldieanthony.com by EliteEmbassy