(First Endorsed Entrepreneur – Reggae Embassy)
Kiodour is a phenomenal business partner who is aligned with The Worldwide Reggae Music and Entertainment Embassy as the First Endorsed Entrepreneur. He is multi-talented as a graphics, architectural, digital and print designer as well as a music production specialist/composer.  Whenever in the company of Kiodour, you will definitely feel a sense of “time is money”, as he is always thinking ahead of the competition and constantly on the move. The savvy business man’s skills and talents have been instrumental in the organization’s Global Advancement Team which is a special team that is responsible for the presentation, launching and advancement of all music embassies to the world. Kiodour not only is in the process of developing his personal business and entrepreneurial ventures, he is fully involved in many aspects of the organization and is also a Licensed Embassy Representative and Provider Partner.

Skills and Services

  • Creative Direction
  • Graphic Design


You may book his services by visiting:
The Worldwide Reggae Music and Entertainment Embassy.
JAMAICA 876-620-4500
USA 305-600-0500
UK (London) 020-3239-3700