Embassy Publishing

EEP Launches New Website

Elite Embassy Publishing’s website has gotten a new look. We have been supporting the music community worldwide for over 12 years.  We are thankful for all of the hard work that our team member (Kio) has done over the years as he created amazing sites and beautiful graphics.  Our new Director of IT (Ryan) is on a mission to rebuild all Embassy sites and Elite Embassy Publishing was first on his list.  Our site is going to have more functions than ever before.  New additions will be added regularly.  Not only is this new site informational, but it is also a hub for our hundreds of EEP clients with even more features than before.  Our clients will be receiving even more courtesy promotions for their brands and music as our new share feature will make it easy for us and them.  Clients music, releases and videos will be featured on the site and updated regularly.  Each quarter, we will have ten clients showcased in our EEP Client Spotlight on the homepage.  There are even more fantastic things to come not only for the EEP site but also for the clients!