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Copyright Representation

Elite Embassy Publishing represents our clients music copyrights. All clients maintain ownership of their creative rights while EEP represents and protects them. Our parent organization (Music Embassies) also protects our clients Sound Recording Copyrights for those who own their masters offering a complete support system.

Music Licensing

EEP represents a vast music catalog from our songwriters (authors & composers/beatmakers/musicians) of all genres. Those interested in licensing music/beats or songs, can contact EEP for a stress-free licensing process.

Music Industry Support

All clients of Elite Embassy Publishing are sponsored by the Music Embassies which is one of the only Music Support & Help Organizations in the world to our knowledge. EEP Clients receive music business and music industry training and other perks and benefits as a Music Embassies client.

Support and Solutions to Assist Songwriters with their Music Publishing Needs

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Enhance your experience in the music industry by having a powerful team behind you to protect your copyrights. Elite Embassy Publishing is where you can really begin to not only get the protection you need but also learn about the industry to ensure that your rights are fully protected and remain with you and your generations to come.

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EEP Client Spotlight of the Month!

Get to know our many talented clients who we feature new ones each month. You may also learn about more EEP Client and their music in our Client Gallery, Music Page, and News Blog.

Chubz TP

Composer & Producer

Troyton Music

Composer & Producer

Elvis Redwood

Composer, Producer & Label Owner

Claims Records

Composer, Producer & Label Owner

Frisco Kid

Recording Artist & Songwriter


Composer, Producer & Label Owner

Potential Kidd

Recording Artist & Author Songwriter


Recording Artist, Author Songwriter & Producer


Recording Artist, Author Songwriter, Producer & Label Owner

Ian Lennon

Composer, Producer & Label Owner

Elite Embassy Publishing! Making a Difference!

Elite Embassy Publishing is unique to the industry as we are not only representing and protecting our clients' rights but through the Music Embassies, we are educating our clients about their rights and the industry as a whole. We are not an online publishing site, our clients interact directly with support teams for all of their music needs which are funded by the Music Embassies and the clients respective genre's Embassy. EEP Services are exclusive to Music Embassies clients.

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