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About Elite Embassy Publishing

Elite Embassy Publishing is a division of the global musical help organization for career and business advancement; Music Embassies. Both divisions are under the umbrella of The Worldwide Elite Embassy.  Our company offers publishing services for recording artists/authors, poets, songwriters, musicians and composer/producers.  We will also be offering publishing services for book authors in the near future.

As a part of a major global organization for advancement, we offer a unique opportunity for those who are in need of publishing administration, co-publishing or full publishing.  While offering our services, we also educate our clients on all aspects of the publishing industry. The Elite Embassy also offers other services which assist with bookings, professional representation, and exposure needs.

We offer completely transparent record keeping in regard to your royalty payments and licensing.  Our honesty, integrity and professionalism is evident as we provide top quality services for our clients who are able to publish their works without having to surrender their artistic rights

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